Not One More Energy Tax

March 1, 2019 at 5:37 pm

The Business Council of New York State opposes legislation that would increase energy taxes paid by businesses. The Executive Budget would impose an estimated $128 million increase in state-level sales taxes on energy purchases by industrial, commercial and institutional employers in New York State by eliminating a long-standing sales tax exemption for the transmission of gas and electricity purchased through an Energy Service Company (ESCO). If local governments follow suit, the cost to taxpayers could be almost double. This proposal is not about the creation of parity or equity in the tax or energy policy objective, this proposal is simply intended to raise revenue by increasing the cost of energy to New York State businesses.

If you would like to voice your opposition to this tax increase go to the following link:

M&R Energy Resources Corporation
P.O. Box 4091
New Windsor, New York 12553