Consulting Services for Your Business:

The energy market offers businesses many opportunities but it also brings risks. At M&R Energy Resources, we work with our clients to help them gain an in-depth understanding of the ever changing markets and determine how to get the very best out of them.


We offer energy strategy and planning advice tailored to individual business operations which can help you:

  • Maximize cost savings
  • Identify energy reduction opportunities
  • Mitigate risk
  • Capitalize on funding available for further energy investments

Risk Management

Volatile energy market prices mean that buying energy can carry a variable element of risk.


Our job at M&R Energy Resources is to understand the energy markets and their associated risks so that we can advise our clients on how we can best procure their energy to mitigate risk exposure. It’s a job we take very seriously and we strive to deliver cost savings while giving clients the peace of mind that they are reducing uncertainty and following best practice risk management procedures.

Before we begin to consider which risk strategy is right for your business, we will First:

  • Establish your business and project objectives
  • Learn how risk-averse or risk-tolerant you are
  • Gain an understanding of your business operations

Then, using our market expertise, we will devise a customized risk strategy to include tailored hedging suggestions, to provide you with a recommended strategy that will meet both your business and stakeholder requirements.

Give us a call today to find out how M&R Energy Resources can help your business minimize its energy risks.