Residential Customers

M&R Energy’s fixed rate plan provides stable and predictable energy rates for the entire term length, eliminating surprise bills and spiking costs.

With a fixed rate plan, you pay one price per Ccf, unlike the utilities variable supply rate that changes monthly based on prices in the energy market.

At M&R Energy we value our residential customers and will endeavor to provide the most competitive rates in the market with the highest quality of customer service.

Due to the volatile nature of the energy market, we unfortunately, cannot guarantee that we will always have lower residential rates than your utility. However, the utility can only offer you a variable rate that changes regularly, whereas we can offer fixed rates ensuring you have the benefit of predictable energy costs.

Commercial Customers

M&R Energy Resources provides competitive natural gas services to both small and large commercial enterprises. A fixed rate plan guarantees a single price for the length of your contacted volume of natural gas over a specified contract term.

A fixed price contract is perfect for our commercial customers who want to protect their business from fluctuating market prices or who want to establish and meet budget objectives. The benefits of a fixed price contact for our commercial customers:

  • Fixed price based on your business’ consumption history over a specified contract term
  • Meet budget objectives and lower operating costs
  • One price for a defined term
  • Cash flow management
  • Protected from market price fluctuations
  • At M&R Energy we understand that energy costs can be an expensive operating cost which is why we are committed and focused on securing the most affordable rates for your natural gas needs. We are dedicated to serving our customers with professional and knowledgeable staff to meet your ongoing needs.